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MKE Iron Erectors, Inc. is committed to challenging the, “but we’ve always done it that way,” mindset

in order to instill the innovation necessary for the construction industry to evolve. This is why LEAN construction thinking drives our processes, and shapes our ideas of customer service. Why challenge the status quo? Because if we do what we always did, we’ll get what we’ve always gotten, and that’s

not acceptable for ourselves, or our industry as a whole. 


The six simple ideas behind the LEAN philosophy come together to create a dynamic practice that ensures all stakeholders in a project understand project goals and are empowered to succeed.

Project stakeholders pull together to:

• Respect people. This idea is the very heart of LEAN construction philosophy. Simply put, individuals who respect team members are much more likely to be capable of committing to innovation, and achieving success. Success requires that everyone concerns themselves with the needs of others. 


• Optimize the whole. Each stakeholder understands how their contribution affects others and coordinates their efforts to create the best results. 


• Remove waste. Teams should always be aware that waste, in all eight of its forms, hinders project success and is disrespectful to other project stakeholders. 


• Create process flow. This is the holy grail in construction. The goal is to create smooth transitions between teams which increases productivity and maintains quality.


• Generate value. At the onset of each project a Value Proposition is created and provided to all stakeholders. It is understood that everyone is responsible for consistently checking their actions against the stated project values to be sure they are meeting the expectations of the project. 


• Continuously improve. Restraints that hinder project goals are identified and eliminated using the, "Plan. Do. Check. Adjust." process which allows teams to develop the best practices necessary for success. 

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