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Barbara Sheedy MBA

Drawing on over two decades of expertise in construction, and servant leadership MKE Iron Erectors, Inc's President Barbara Sheedy

is a hands-on leader of a professional team focused on creating innovative solutions for its clients. She says that her commitment to, “maintaining integrity, open lines of communication, and a desire to stay true to our disciplines,” is at the heart of providing her clients

an innovative, turnkey experience that enhances value in every phase of a project. Barb instills LEAN construction practices in her organization to ensure MKE Iron constantly evolves.


This commitment to innovation extends to the construction industry as a whole. Barb is passionate about the union ironworkers she employs. Championing their safety and prosperity means supporting education and recruitment in order to improve safety practices,

and address growing labor shortages in the trades. Commitment to the industry includes serving as past president of the Construction Financial Management Association, and mentoring as a guest instructor at UW-Milwaukee.  


Iron is an important part of Barb’s downtime too. As an avid Harley rider she says, “The focus, freedom and 360-degree view of the surroundings while riding a motorcycle captivates me.” A wife and the mother of two, Barb is a life-long learner who is confident in her chosen discipline, and is always ready to challenge herself with new knowledge. 


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Jim Davis
Doug Jaeckle
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Jose Frias
Steve Kline
Karl Hannig
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Ramiro Rosas
Matt Hannig
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Robert Schuler
Dave Siebel
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Mark Strong Sr. 
Jeff Steier
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Dustin Treadway
Matt Stretz
Aaron Uebele
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Mark Strong Jr. 
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Dan Wehr
Randy Weishar



Rich Zimmerman


Rich Zimmerman’s ability to expertly estimate, and manage operations comes from his diverse experiences in manufacturing, ironworking, and project management. His background equips him with the unique ability to manage project details from the ground up while still seeing the big picture. This means he is able to catch problems before they start, and he’s consistently able to provide efficiencies saving project partners time, stress and money.

Motivated by his past as an ironworker Rich says, “There are guys depending on me to be there for them. If I don’t do my job, there is no job for them.”

This is what drives him to provide the best customer service possible, and

to carry out projects in the safest way possible. Looking forward Rich believes advancements in prefabrication will drive innovation for the industry.

At home, Rich is a husband and a father of four. He also puts his management skills to good use supporting his son’s racing career as the pit’s crew chief.


Terrell Brumfield


Like many of us, Terrell Brumfield is awed by the sight of massive cranes contributing to a community's future skyline. Unlike many of us, Terrell knows how to get those cranes paid for. He takes pride in personally working with MKE Iron Erectors, Inc's business partners to ensure project finances run smoothly, accurately, and within budget. Terrell says, “The satisfaction of knowing that I am helping make the jobs of all our employees in the field easier and less stressful by providing all the office support they need” is what gets him out of bed in the morning.


Looking forward Terrell believes that adopting emerging blockchain technologies will improve the flow of projects in the construction industry. In the future creating smart contracting systems to streamline the payment process will save time, and money.

When he’s not crunching the numbers, Terrell enjoys spending

time with his family, playing chess and cooking. 


Joe Speth


A skilled mechanic with nearly 20 years on the road Joe Speth says, “I love anything that runs on gas or diesel. I love more power.”

That passion fuels his efforts to keep MKE Iron's equipment in peak working condition allowing projects to run like a well-oiled machine. Even better, the reliability Joe brings to our team is backed up with OSHA training that reflects our commitment to safety.

Working for a flexible, family owned business that promotes work/life balance motivates Joe to provide service that makes 

our customers just as happy with MKE Iron Erectors, Inc. as he is.

So does the challenge of finding a fix for something he’s never repaired before. 


Married with twin daughters, Joe spends his downtime coaching

his daughters’ t-ball team, and fixing things around the house.

He also enjoys spending time with his grandparents in Northern Wisconsin and fishing.


Mark Redetzke


Mark Redetzke’s favorite piece of construction equipment is his Macintosh. He points out, “It’s the most versatile tool. With that little box I can research our industry and produce compelling creative messages explaining who MKE Iron Erectors, Inc. is.”


Mark has nearly 25 years in department store marketing, so for him switching to construction is a great growth experience. Mark states, “Retail is a great industry to learn customer service in because it’s highly competitive and it requires creating messages that engages people on a personal level. Just like relationships in construction, it all boils down to establishing trust.”

Mark is a husband and a father of three kids who have, as he says, “rocked my world from the moment they stepped foot into it. They teach me how to be a better person, and I couldn’t be more proud of them.” Outside of that, Mark enjoys evenings with good friends next to a bonfire and a glass of good whiskey.

RUNKLE - MKE Iron_008_.jpg

Anne Runkle


What gets Anne Runkle out of bed every morning? As a construction professional it’s the opportunity to take part in creating positive results. Anne states, “I love construction: watching something grow from the bottom up.” This means she’s either in the office, or in the field meeting customer needs, helping to resolve issues, and building relationships to ensure positive outcomes for each project. 


Even though Anne brings over 20 years of team building, and problem-solving experience to the table her resilient nature spurs her to constantly grow as a professional. She says, “If you’re not learning, you’re not growing.” This attitude extends to her ability to learn from listening to customer and team needs allowing her to stay on top of challenges as she works to keep expectations realistic. 


Outside of MKE Iron, Anne is a mother of three adult kids who enjoys camping, hiking, biking and cooking. 


Christopher L. Schwab


“I love cranes,” says MKE Iron Erector, Inc. Project Engineer Christopher Schwab, “The idea of needing to build a base for a machine just so you can build another building is fascinating to me.” His fascination with construction lead Christopher to earn

a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UW-Milwaukee, work as

a craftsman, and try his hand at estimating.

As the Project Engineer who will back you up in the field and

in the office, Christopher’s goal is to provide you with a positive experience by actively working to hear your concerns, and by searching out helpful and creative solutions for any challenge

that may arise.


At home he and his wife Anna love to camp, hike and bike. Christopher is an active member of his church, and he loves

to read fantasy and sci-fi as well as economics and theology.


Christian Sheedy


MKE Iron Erectors, Inc. team understands there can be no success without safety. To promote its commitment to safety, and to mentor new talent into the industry, UW Whitewater student Christian Sheedy was hired as MKE Iron's safety intern. Christian is an occupational safety major with both his OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certifications. He has a hands-on philosophy spending time in the field reviewing practices while gaining valuable practical experience. Christian explains, “I think that it’s part of my job to be present in the field as well as the office because I can’t make sure everyone is safe if I don’t see them in action.” 

Christian wears number 73 as an offensive lineman for the Whitewater Warhawks, and in his downtime he enjoys bird hunting with his father and their dogs. 

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